Here is some information on APRS in Maritimes Canada along with links to other APRS sites.

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MARCAN APRS Network Snapshot May/2017   

** APRS Clients: Please connect to Port 10152 or 14580 (with Filter)**
Igate stations are welcome to connect to my server to support our MARCAN network.

2017/05  Changes to the MARCAN APRS Network include the addition of nodes VE1ZX
at Parrsboro and VE1XK at Hilden (Truro), NS. A callsign was changed from VE1CDN to
VE1USR for Upper Sackville, NS.

2016/07 Thanks to VE1GV, VE1BXK and NSARA, the MARCAN APRS Network has coverage
restored up to the Eastern tip of Cape Breton, NS.

Thanks to Yarmouth ARC for continued support of our network by running an iGate
that connects to the MARCAN APRS server and provides our own RF connections.

Thanks to VE1YZ for providing iGate service from the Halifax area.

Thanks to VE9SC for providing iGate service from the Moncton area.

A couple of other iGates have gone offline and we hope they will return to our 
MARCAN network.
If you wish to iGate from your area please let me know.

2015/12 This marks the 10th year of operation for the MARCAN APRS Network. 
Thanks to all for your support.

2014/11 Thanks to NSARA another APRS node has joined the network. VE1JCF is
located at the new Rocky Mountain site between Pictou and Antigonish.

2014/06  It appears that the following APRS servers have been QRT for some time.
 Igate stations are welcome to connect to my server to support our network.
 Please connect your iGate to (that's port 1313)
 Thanks to VE1YZ for providing iGate service from the Halifax area.

2013/11  Thanks to Bill and Tom of NSARA, the nodes mentioned earlier are now active.
In addition there is a new node active in the Liverpool area.
VE1VO   Liverpool, NS

2013/03  After running the VE1AIC APRS Server from an old Linux PC since 
early 2005, a new Raspberry Pi-B computer was installed to update the system. 
No more fans, hard-drives or UPS. No noise and much less power used.


2013/01  Thanks to Bill and Tom of NSARA, a number of new APRS nodes are expected to
be installed this year. They include:
VE1BBY Greenfield, NS  * Active *
VE1GYS Lundy, NS       * Active *
VE1OBN Oban, NS        * Active *
VE1LUN Lunenburg, NS   * Active *

2012/07 A number of APRS nodes in the Yarmouth area have been updated.
Thanks to YARC, NSARA and others the following nodes have been installed or updated:
VE1BAR Barrington, NS
VE1EKV East Kemptville, NS
VE1YAR Yarmouth, NS 

2012/01 Some Moncton HAMs are working on a UHF frequency for APRS.
On 445.925mhz  at 1200b is VE9MDB.

2010/08 Thanks to Tom, Bill and NSARA a new APRS UIDIGI node, VE1MHR is active from 
Jerusalem Hill, NS (Musquodoboit Harbour)

2010/01/24   Thanks to Andrew VE9SWN for hosting a UIDIGI node at his
QTH near Coburn, NB. Thanks also to Gary VE9AI and Danny VE9DKS for their
help on this project.

2010/01/01   In the past year many APRS servers have consolidated port 
settings with the current preference to using the 14580 port. 
This is called the 'user filter' port but note that it will not send you 
any data without a filter command.
A description of the filter setting can be found at:
The easiest to use is something like m/400 to give a range filter that is
400km from your location.
In Ui-View, enter the command text in the APRS Server setup in the 
'Extra log-on text' box as 'filter m/400' (without the quotes). 
The MARCAN APRS servers still provide a full (local) RF feed on 10152

Added 2 new APRS Servers VE1PS Halifax, NS  & VE1MPF Moncton, NB

  Lately there has been some Object Beaconing that causes problems 
  for our network. If a UI-View user transmits a number of objects, they 
  all go out at once, and if the path is long, it floods the network.
  Therefore the beaconing of objects on RF should be limited to one or two
  objects per station, at a rate of no less than 20 mins, and a path of direct 
  or a maximum of 1 hop (WIDE2-1)if necessary (NOT 3 hops).
  Exceptions may be made for special events over a short time period.
  Similary, gating APRS packets from INTERNET to RF should also be controlled
  with the same 20min rate and direct path or 1 hop maximum. 
  Also NO non-Amateur/APRS objects or packets should be gated from Internet
	onto RF.  
2009/07/20 New APRS UIDIGI Nodes in NB & NS.
  Thanks to VE9DEN, we have 2 new APRS UIDIGI nodes in Northern NB.
  VE9SMR (7 Mile Ridge) near Campbellton, and VE9DNB at Dalhousie.
  Thanks to VE1TA, NSARA and Digby ARC, we have a new APRS UIDIGI node
  VE1ALB at Digby, NS.

  Due to provider problems, both nodes in Eastern PEI are QRT until new sites,
are found.

2009/01/10  VE1GX-1 AprsD Gateway QRT
 During a recent storm the antennas for VE1GX-1 came down. This Gateway is
QRT until the antennas are restored.

2007/11/24 APRS WX SETTINGS:
For stations wishing to setup an APRS WX station that transmits on rf,
the standard settings (in UI-View) are:
 Callsign:      VEnXXX-4 (eg VE1AIC-4)
 Unproto Port:  1
      Address:  APRS, WIDE3-3 (or local option)
 Beacon Radio:  20 (20 mins)
      Internet: 15 (15 mins)
 Max age:       30
I have noticed some APRS mobiles using very aggressive beacon settings.
Please note the reccomended (maximum) beacon rate is every 90 seconds while
in (high speed) motion and 15-20 minutes while stopped. 
If your tracker has only a single fixed-rate setting (eg:TH-D7, D700) 
be sure not to exceed these rates and to either turn off the tracker 
when parked, or set the proper fixed rate setting of every 20 mins (1200).
2007/11/14 Updates to NB APRS
APRS server in Saint John has changed callsigns and location.
It is now VE9SJN,

2007/11/01 VY2EKR Node returns from new QTH.
Thanks to VY2ROB, the VY2EKR UIDIGI node is back on from a new
location in Montague, PEI.

2007/10/01 VE9DKS GATE
With the increasing APRS activity and additional nodes in northern NB,
we are pleased that Danny Swan VE9DKS has agreed to feed our APRS
servers from his home UI-View station 24/7. This additional IGATE will
improve APRS mobile data capture in the area around Simmons, NB.

2007/09/30 VE9DGP-3 St.Quentin, NB UIDIGI Node added.
Thanks to the work of Gino VE9GM, and Gary VE9AI.  

2007/06/14 VE9TOW is now on line from Estabrooke Mtn near Woodstock, NB.
Installation by Danny Swan VE9DKS and Gary VE9AI.
2007/05/30  VE9GUS and VE9AI installed VE9FPG-3 at Kintore. Its using a 2 bay
Sinclair at tower top about 100ft on the mountain. Kintore Mtn is in back of 
Perth Andover.

2006/11/14 New VY2UHF APRS UIDIGI Node in Charlottetown.
The VY2EKR APRS node for Eastern PEI has been QRT for awhile and not sure
when it will return. So thanks to VY2ROB, we added the VY2UHF node to the 
site where his UHF repeater is located, to extend coverage to Eastern PEI.
OpenTracker2 Beta Kit
I've been testing my new OpenTracker2 for the past few weeks and it works great.
This is a fully functional (tx & rx) tnc for APRS or Packet.
You can read the Tracker2 Presentation here.
To learn more you can join the Tracker2 Yahoo Group.
Available at:

2006/11/07 Added Getting Started page.

2006/10/26 New  GoogleTrack Live map for tracking 
specific stations using data from my JavAPRS server and displayed on GoogleMaps.
2006/10/06 VE1QRZ Node back on from new QTH.
Thanks to Al, VE1APE, the VE1QRZ UIDIGI node is back on the air from a new 
location. Oban, NS, just north of St. Peter's on Cape Breton.

2006/10/02 Updated GoogleAPRS Live map of MARCAN APRS 
stations with live data link from JavAPRS server.

2006/09/18 New APRS nodes VE9BCQ, Boisetown NB and VE9DGP, Miramichi NB  
active now thanks to VE9AI.

2006/07/20 VE1AIC-1 APRS server is now running new software.
I have replaced APRSd with a new version of javAPRSsrvr software, 
the same as used by all Core and T2 APRS servers. While I don't have 
the bandwith to support a full APRS-IS feed, you can get all the MARCAN 
(Maritimes Canada) APRS data from my server by connecting to port 10152.
This feed has all APRS data accumulated from RF traffic in our network.
Note this is a standard full-feed port on all javAPRSservers.
In addition, clients may connect to a user-defined filter port 14580.
This is also an international standard and you can create your own 
filter schemes as described in the javAPRS Filter document. 
You will need to use this filtered port if you connect to any APRS-IS 
full-feed server since the full-feed data can be 20-30Kbps continuously. 
For UI-View users, a typical fillter command would be "FILTER M/400", 
which would give you all data within 400kms of your location. 
Note if you do not send a filter command on a filtered port, you will 
NOT receive any data.
For those who connected to port 10151, which included 30-min history, 
that port is decpreciated since the developers have found it may cause 
data loops. If you connect to this port you will still RECEIVE Aprs 
data, with history BUT, your position data and any messaging will not 
be imported.  This is now an OUTPUT-ONLY port.(You could connect to it 
for a snap-shot, then reconnect to 10152 once your map fills in.)
2006/06/04 MARCAN APRS NODES are updated for full WIDEn-n settings.
RELAY, WIDE or TRACE will no longer work.
Please use WIDE3-3 or WIDE2-2 for Base and Mobile paths.
(If you think anyone has a home digi, then try WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 
for mobile)
New APRS nodes VE9BCQ, Boisetown and VE9DGP, Miramichi NB testing 
now and  soon to be installed by VE9AI.

2006/04/03 New APRS Info (Wiki) site: (See Link below)

2006/02/25: New APRS UIDIGI Node VE9FPG-2 active from  Crabbe Mtn, 
Fredericton, NB thanks to VE9AI.

2005/12/24: New APRS UIDIGI Node VE9FPG active from  Fredericton, NB 
thanks to VE9AI.
Also new APRS UIDIGI Node VE1SCP near Shelburne, NS 
thanks to VE1RB & VE1IC.

2005/10/24: New APRS UIDIGI Node VE1VZ, near Bridgetown, NS.
Also permanent install of node VE1AAQ at Springfield, NS.
Thanks to VE1II, VE1MR & VE1TA.

2005/09/23 UIDIGI Node VE1PKT now active from Hammonds Plains,NS
thanks to the work of VE1YZ.

2005/07: New UIDIGI node VE9GFI-2 at Sussex, NB thanks to VE9GFI.

2005/07/09: If you wish to connect to the Yarmouth APRS server, the 
following address should work, although there has been a problem of 
late with the IP address changing more than once a day.
Client connect
2005/07/04: Welcome new Yarmouth APRSd server VE1GX-1

2005/06/24: Some of you may have noticed that our UIDIGI nodes have 
an "S" symbol instead of the "U". This is to reflect the use of the 
new N-n settings. In the beacon you will also see something like 
"/R,W,W3,NS". This shows that the node will digipeat the following 
paths: RELAY WIDE WIDEn-n NSn-n
The NSn-n is a province wide path that is included for conformity but 
not having much practical use. Our other provinces have NBn-n and 
PEn-n. The paths RELAY or WIDE are still available to aid visitors and 
allow an easy transition but we hope to have everyone using the 
standard path by next summer.
Please note the new recomended path settings for ALL stations is WIDE3-3.
See the link below for the full details.
The New n-N Paradigm


The MARCAN APRS Network comprises the following network systems 
on 144.390mhz:
VY2TPH   Hazel Grove, PEI 
VE1TPL   Lynn Mtn, NS 
VE1TRO   Nuttby Mtn, NS
VE1EXP   Fairmont, NS   
VE1MTT   BeaverBank, NS * BAD ? *
VE9GPS   Sackville, NB 
VE9WRC   Moncton, NB 
VE1AEH   Glenmont, NS 
VE1ARC   Greenwood, NS 
VY2CFB   O'Leary, PEI   
VE1YAR   Yarmouth, NS  
VE1PKT   Hammonds Plains, NS   
VE1AAQ   Springfield, NS  
VE1VZ    Bridgetown, NS  
VE9GFI-2 Sussex, NB
VE9FPG   Fredericton, NB 
VE9FPG-2 Crabbe Mtn., NB 
VE9BCQ   Parkers Ridge, NB
VE9DGP   (Ashton Hill) Maramichi, NB  
VE9DGP-3 St. Quentin, NB
VE9FPG-3 Kintore, NB
VE9TOW   Woodstock, NB
VE9SMR  (7 Mile Ridge) Campbellton,NB
VE9DNB   Dalhousie, NB
VE1ALB   Digby, NS 
VE9SWN   Coburn, NB 
VA1BAR   Barrington, NS
VE1EKV   East Kemptville, NS
VE1MHR   Musq. Harbour, NS
VE1BBY   (Granite Village) Shelburne, NS
VE1GYS   Lundy, NS  
VE1OBN   Oban, NS (Cape Breton)  
VE1LUN   Lunenburg, NS  
VE1VO    Liverpool, NS
VE1JCF   Rocky Mtn., NS
VY2UHF   Charlottetown, PE (QRT)
VY2EKR   Montague, PEI (QRT)

TBA      Dartmouth, NS (TBA)

VE1AIC Charlottetown, PEI
 (filtered user port 14580)
  VE1GX-1  Yarmouth, NS  
  VE9SC    Moncton, NB

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