VE1CRA Repeater

'Charlottetown', PEI

   Churchill, PEI (Main TX/RX site and UHF HUB)
   MeadowBank, PEI (UHF Link & Control site VE1AIC)
		TX set: VHF Micor, 80w on 146.670 into 210C4 antenna at 250ft,
		 	UHF Uplink RX on 444.400 mhz.
		CRA_0399-TX (719K)
		RX set: MSR2000 on 146.070 with 210C4 antenna at 300ft,
		    UHF Downlink TX on 449.400 mhz at 30w into 310C2.
		CRA_VHF-UHF2479 (137K)
		VHF Repeater Antennas:
		VE1CRA_1078-ANT (670K)
		Main UHF Repeater:
    		 MSR2000 Repeater. TX 30W 444.400/449.400
    		 into 310C4 antenna at 55ft.
   		 msr2000uhf (81K)
Link XCVR:
     GE Pheonix, 15w on 448.925/443.925 into C.Craft 6 ele. Yagi
      to VE1BHS HUB.
UHF Controller:
     Arcom  RC-210 Controller
    - UHF Linking
    - IRLP Node 2030
    - Battery & Gen. Emergency power	
    UHF HUB Repeater: 
    TX Marconi DT, 10w on 449.100 into 310C4 at 80ft.
    RX GE Master-II on 444.100 duplexed into 310C4.
    (This repeater is now removed and QRT from the Churchill site.)


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